Nothing Fills Me Up at Night

This was a prompt, to write a poem that begins and ends with a line lifted from somewhere else.

Nothing Fills Me Up at Night*
Not the click click click
soul-less wander
through Ginsu Survivor buy now
soft core
Saving Grace
and I wonder
what spackle will bind
the distance between
here and there,
So I snack smack lick
my way through peanut butter
ice cream mashed potatoes.

No one fills me up at night.
We play Bed Bingo in search
of a soft spot for my bruised soul
top bunk
leather couch
empty bed
I grope in the foreign halls I paid to build
paid with time and thought and distance
so far from myself I get lost
on the way to the light switch.

No Thing Fills Me Up At Night
I wait for his mouth to join me here
long for her fingers to fill me there
and I find I can not compete
nor complete myself
by swallowing these
Bowel shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse.**

* June Jordan Poem: Free Flight
**Cake Song: Going the Distance


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