The Farmer’s Eulogy

Ruth made good sugar cookies.

One time, we were up at the house, me and my son, Chris. He was, oh, five or six at the time. And we were up at their place and Ruth brought out these sugar cookes. Well, my son thought they were pretty good.

Next morning, Dottie and I got up and can you imagine it, Chris wasn’t in his bed like usual. We went looking for him and his little boots weren’t by the door. Thankfully, it had snowed, so we could follow his little footprints in the snow. It’s hard even now to tell you, but those prints went right down to the bridge, you know, and then down to the bank. We were just beside ourselves, running up and down, looking and calling and not knowing what to do next when we hear Bobby Lewis’s truck coming down the hill.

So Bobby stops on the bridge, and out he and Chris climb! Well, we were so relieved to see little Chris dry and safe, it took us a few minutes before it occurred to us to ask him what the story was. Bobby said “I was over just a bit on the 118, and I see this tiny thing tromping along on the side of the road, so I pulled over and said ‘Chris, what are you up to?’ and he looks up at me like it was just the most obvious thing and said ‘I’m just going over to the Kline house to get another sugar cookie.'”

Ruth made good sugar cookies. She will be missed.


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