I want what she’s having

I just completed a really blissful week.

It years ago when I decided to embrace adventure and love.

Then it got more possible because I did a lot of therapy and personal growth work with a professional healer who presents to the world as a therapist Molly Salans, and many other soulmates who were willing to really see me and love me.

What finally pushed it over the top was attending a workshop and joining the HAI community.

And here, in this moment, is my understanding of what it takes to be happy:

‎1 – I stopped doing things that made my heart/spirit feel like it is breaking

2 – I started doing things that make my heart/spirit sing

3 – I asked for a lot of help from people who know something I don’t know

4 – I stopped worrying that I’d get hurt and started worrying that I haven’t loved enough and

5 – A lot of cuddling.


Not easy. But very very simple.


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