I’m IN!

I need to be here now.
All in, no apologies, no shame,
no need to ask for permission
to live this life I’ve been given.
The days are short
and the nights are shorter.
Are you loving your life?
Are you living your love?
The typical phrases of solace we get
when we receive “that call,”
when we finally scoop ourselves off the floor are these:
“At least he/she didn’t suffer” or
“He/She lived life to his/her fullest” or
“Well, he/she died doing something he/she loved.”
Well, I say screw that first one.
Who do we think we are
that we are entitled to a life of no suffering?
That one is complete fallacy.
So a rewrite:
“At least when he/she suffered,
there was abundant love to ease the pain.”
“And he/she lived doing something he/she loved.”
If that’s not the goal, then I’ve completely missed the point.
So I’m going to be here now.
All the way off the couch.
Deeply thankful
for both the pleasure and the pain,
for the opportunity to grow
in relationship with others,
for the chance to be used
in service to my tribe.

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