I got up early to take pictures. It’s odd how I tend to want to linger in bed on days when I have to be productive. Today, I don’t have to be productive. Just present. Today, my intention is to have an entire day guided by my spirit rather than my mind or my heart. I have no idea what that means.

I have a good mind and heart. They have served me and some people rather well. I expect when I finally get to know my spirit, that will be good as well. My hope is that this spirit, somehow, has a way of guiding me to a way of moving in this one life with less collateral damage. Let me explain. So, I get that destruction is part of growth and creation— seeds breaking open and using shards to make mosaics and all that. But I’ve come to the sad realization that some of my best heart and mind intentions have caused needless harm– to both me and the very dear ones it was my intention to save.

So no saving today. Just listening in that deep Buddhist listening, not the critical sound engineer listening, to how to move. From a place of awareness and love.

So I got up early to take pictures. To practice perspective. To collect Talismans to hang on my flat screen TV that will keep me in this place where the mind and heart make room for the spirit. Even on days when I do have to be productive.

Here is a picture of a building.


I like the metaphor of this door shadow hanging in space on this building. I go in and out from a very different place now, but the echo of my old doors are still here hovering over my left shoulder everyday. That old door, it wasn’t a mistake, per se, I just made some enhancements.


Here is a hard thing and a soft thing, a thing that was living and a thing that was always inanimate. And if the goal is to have no impact, well then the goal is wrong. There is impact, but the intention always to enhance the best nature of each in presence of one another. Or maybe it’s just a stone hard heart on a dead tree. See that’s the perspective thing. That used to be a hard stone heart and now, at least to me, it is art. So there!
See something?

Take a few steps…

And a few more


And five more. It’s okay to get close.

Some things do look like sex, and that’s ok too.


Five more steps towards that thing you were really drawn to, and now it feels very very different from inside.


And when you get too close, that previous perspective, the one that got you going on this journey in the first place, well it’s nearly impossible to even remember that.


But now you are all the way in, so what to do? Turn around. Get small. Look up. Ah, Room With A Stunning View.


And the thing is, all of this is true all at the same time. That little house, it’s not a photo, it’s a real thing, still there, doing its thing. The rock is still hard. My spirit that has been so far out of view most of the days of these 43 years, it’s been there all along also. Today, it is simply time to observe.



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