Happiness Bootcamp – 1

1- three gratitudes
2- journal 1 positive experience
3- exercise
4- meditate
5- random act of kindness

I love that I’m feeling torn about WHICH three gratitudes to list today. I think I have way more than 21×3, so I’m curious to see what makes the cut.  But lets start with the 3 biggies.

1- three gratitudes

  • Family – which includes my sons, their dad, my biological peeps and my found peeps. More on all of them later in the positive journal stuff.
  • Love – That it exists, that I can see it when it is real
  • Health – I started to type sanity, but decided to extend from mental health to all health. It sucks when I’m not healthy. I should remember to note that it’s great when I’m healthy.

2- journal 1 positive experience  – see next blog post, 1,000 days

3- exercise – will be yoga after dinner
4- meditate – I have been drawn to this beautiful song (based on a poem by Rumi) performed by the beloved Dazzaji daily for over a month (Well, look at the current click count, I believe I’ve been drawn to it (85-6=79 times) in the past month.) http://soundcloud.com/dazzaji/shivaya. I’ve also been gradually becoming able to receive the profoundly simple messages provided by Adyashanti. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/true-meditation/id337987295 

5- random act of kindness – I think this and my past 2 posts, referring talented people to whoever decides to read this is an act of kindness? I think it is a kindness that moves in 2 directions – both by helping promote and by introducing my loved ones to such gifts.  To review, here are some things I recommend whole-heartedly that have been keystones holding me up so far (I wonder if I should spread these out over 21 days?). I’m sorting them alphabetically, because that’s how I roll.




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