Happiness Bootcamp – the plan


The 21 day Happiness BootCamp Challenge:

1- three gratitudes
2- journal 1 positive experience
3- exercise
4- meditate
5- random act of kindness

So, this starts today and I’m committed. It is sparked by an outstanding TedTalk I have been drawn to rewatch many times. I love that this is sparking a movement. You can join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/398500296887856/

While I think the title of the TedTalk is a deterrent, the message is so clearly what I need right now. It should be called “On Being a Baby Unicorn”. Like Brene Brown, I appreciate Shawn Anchor’s academic approach to figuring out how to live this one life. Somehow, my analytical brain needs the data to believe all that mystical stuff the hippy yoga people talk about.

It lends their approach to living the credibility I need to accept the notions of positive thinking, being whole-hearted, letting go, being vulnerable, believing that my gut has some – maybe even more – authority than my head and past experience.

So what will be my strategies for staying on task with this very simple and yet challenging set of tasks?

Really, this is not asking for much… five little things each day that will take less than 90 minutes… 105 short things on this month’s To Do list. And yet my gut knows this will change the game. There will be no going back. After this, I’m going to BE one if those hippy yoga people, and I will hardly even remember what it was like to scoff at those people like I used to.

Well, my strategies are best expressed in positive journaling and naming gratitudes, and I still insist on being efficient, so I’m going to answer my own question in my first post.


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