My daily three

Day 1

Day 2
Open minded friends
Work that feels meaningful
Adorable pets

Day 3
The Writing Arts in so many forms
Sex (there I said it)
Controlled substances in moderation (yay coffee)

Day 4
Super smart people
Having well adjusted teenagers

Day 5
Learning about spirituality in all its forms
Parker Charter Essential School

Day 6
That I get to be one of the Six Billion at the same time as this Dalai Lama
Flush toilets
This adorable kitty

Day 7
That I can forgive myself for missing a few days and still intend to catch up
That healing happens
That I’m helpful to some people

Day 8
That I’m learning to be helpful to me
Technology that helps connect people
Really good health care

Day 9

Day 10
That my parents are still here
That intimacy happens
That there are some things I’m really smart about


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