Contemplating Sustainable Love

12/09/2012: Just found this gem which I wrote in July 2010. Funny how we have these themes that we just keep circling back to again and again.

What is sustainability?
Sustainable: being able to have something without using it up.

We talk about what is NOT sustainable all of the time.
Bad farming depletes the soil and makes future farming impossible. THAT is not sustainable.
Bad fishing decimates breeding grounds and destroys- not just the individual, but the population.
Oil is not sustainable. Reckless government spending either.
Working at this break-neck pace with no time to renew —
is denfinitely not sustainable.

And we talk about what IS sustainable.
Sustainable business practices are those
which can be profitably maintained within existing financial and operational capabilities.
Sustainable leadership is having an authority structure in place
which nurtures the whole organization and the individuals within
so that the whole exceeds the sum of its parts.
And on and on. We can apply the notion of sustainability to just about anything.

So, what is sustainable love?
How do we love each other without using each other up?
How do we take, and use, and consume love without depleting the stores?

With love, that seems easy.
Love is not finite, like pie.
Love is not conserved, like matter or energy.
Love is additive. Multiplicative.
If you love me, true love,
it enters my soul and pings around,
gradually picking up trace pieces of me,
gaining strength and depth and quantity
until it finds an exit where it beams back out
more than what you put in. For you and more than you.

Your love, your true love, makes me love more.
Love you more. Love me more.
Love others more in and endless,
uncalculable magnification of exactly why we are all here.

So, that seems easy. Sustainable love.
Since love is a renewable resource, like the sun’s rays,
we can give and take, use and consume, wallow and engorge ourselves
with glorious unending love without harm to the giver, the taker, or the planet.

But what about Making Love? What is Sustainable SEX?
How do we make love, week after week, season after season,
without using each other up? Or without using SEX up?
How many different ways can we kiss, caress, explore, inhale, release
and see each other before the energy of it,
the essence of it, is depleted?
How do we make sex additive, multiplicative, restorative,
so that each taking plants the seed for the next harvest,
so that each entry leaves untrodden ground for the next exploration,
so that each desire fulfilled leaves a gentle slow ache for tomorrow?


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