Alive and Awake is a good place to pause

When your therapist suggests you stop meditating for a while
You know you’ve gone too deep.

It is a process. It has it’s own time line. No rushing.

Alive – feels like it happened without my consent
though the yogis believe we pick our times to embody,
choose even our families
because apparently I needed to work on
empathy, community, self-sufficiency, and boundaries.

Awake – does not come from the places I expected
like the degree or the delivery room
rather from breakdown.
(And also in the bedroom but
most of the yogis don’t discuss this.)

Aware – all I know about this is that i know nothing about this
and every time i think i do, i know how wrong that is.

Enlightened – is not something i’m planning on making it to in this lifetime…
i’m barely holding on to this awakening
certainly not prepared for the whole universe
to come rushing in.


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