Building my altar begins today

I attended an outstanding workshop ( today about Intuition. In part of the workshop, Leela the facilitator asked us to envision a space in our home 5 years from now. Here is what emerged for me.

I see an altar neatly arranged with artifacts,
artifacts representing my lessons learned.
And on the adjoining wall, I see photos,
hung eclectically, but not haphazardly.
Photos of each of my teachers:
the ones who have thought me about love,
sexuality, family, oneness, connection to God.
I am one of those pictures.

This is a sacred place where I practice daily,
where I allow myself to feel the truth.
But it is not the only place where I feel,
I carry my heart with me into each day.

On some of those days, I wear a sundress
to dance in the truth.
And on other days, white loose yoga pants
and a head scarf to practice my breath.
Some days, the uniform of the business suit
That I carry my intellect in.

Some nights, I invite a lover into this room.
We roll out soft pads and cushions
and celebrate with love making that is
sweet, infinite and divine.

Sometimes, that lover is a person whose image
observes our connection from a frame on that wall.
Sometimes, it is someone upon whose wall
my likeness will be lovingly hung.

Photo stolen and modified from:
Which, by the way, is a wicked good blog.


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