I’m working on the lighthouse

And it will always be the way I come back to rest.
But I am no longer satisfied with observing and guiding;
so today I begin to move. My way.
I may not be ready to go “all in,” but I’m surely going in!
I have tried staying safe on the beach,
And getting swept away, and floating aimlessly.
And now I try something new.
Because I feel drawn to frolic, submerge myself,
and feel the exquisite way my body knows
how to go with the flow.
And because I’m learning to breathe without choking.
And because I feel like seeing who else likes the water too.
But the light is on, and I will keep it within sight.

And you, I invite you, because I want to see you,
not because I think you need me.
You have your own light, and it guides you well.
But maybe you will feel curious about this light source of mine,
and come by to see if it helps Illuminate the path you are taking?
Take your time.
If you get curious, I will be so happy
to walk hand in hand along the beach with you,
or watch you and your dearest loves splash playfully in the waves.
Or maybe you will let me cradle you carefully as we wade in a little further,
past the tumult to where the water is deeper and more still?


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