13/30 2012 The human body replaces all of its cells every 7 to 8 years *

I am not the same woman who birthed you
who laid awake every night aching to be touched
woke too early to each redundant morning
incapable of feeling the rising sun of your smile.

Yet the memory cells are somehow still there
and I daily feel the need to whisper an apology to you
for not feeling the joy of being surrounded
by the PTA-boy-scout-church-goers who are nice enough,
but have nothing to say on matters of the heart.

So sometimes you might be sitting there innocently enough
click click clicking your way through your MineCraft life
and be shocked to notice me standing on the edge of the couch
clutching my chest for air bellowing out my rage
that has nothing to do with you
sweet funny love of my life.

* Inspired by Sam Teitel, Simone Beaubien & Sue Savoy


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