On Falling In Love

If you have ever fallen in love, then you know what it is like to be with God.* There are many opportunities to feel this in the beginning of a romantic relationship, as you each crack open your hearts for exploration, as you each look into one another’s best selves. In these moments, we see the God in our beloved, and in the reflection of their eyes, we see that they can see the God in ourselves.

But this is not the only place to see and feel God. If you are paying attention, you may also notice that God is there when you embrace a new baby, ride a wave, witness the passing of a loved one, experience a victory or win. These are beautiful opportunities to transcend the apparent mundaneness of human existence. So, it feels so good to be one with God, and it is therefore logical to want to seek out these God experiences. But becoming too attached to this type of seeking can lead to needless suffering.

Just as we cannot live in a perpetual state of victory, just as we know that the baby must inevitably grow into a messy adolescent, we should not become too attached to this particular lover with whom we have our God awakening. This lover is not God, is not the source of God energy. This lover is simply a beautiful and harmonious manifestation of and channel through which we can connect to God.

So, now that you have had the experience of falling in love, notice that you know how to feel God. Then see if you can release yourself from becoming overly attached to any specific God awakening person, action, or location as the sole source. Hold these with reverence, but hold them lightly. And then bravely and joyfully explore new techniques, new ways of connecting, and new places of beauty which facilitate additional ways to be with God. Notice that as you practice this,

* For the purposes of this discussion, I’m going to use the word God, but you can translate that to being on the path, being one with truth, being connected to the divinity of the universe, or whatever language works for you. I don’t generally prescribe to an external God, but there are simply times where this word works well for me. Also, this is not mine. I received it during a Snatam Kaur kirtan.


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