The Goddess Rambles

So, the thing is, they expect so much from us here,

tending to the children, and to the work, and these bodies, and egos,

and the other challenges men craft for themselves.

And then there is all this breathing to do, and then all the air molecules everywhere,

that are SO interesting. And moments to savor.

And I just can’t seem to square how to hold it all at the same time.

“What is the question?” is exactly the question.

So some of us can’t, you know, hold it all together.

And there are great warnings about that happening –

“You’d better hold it together” “C’mon, man pull yourself together”

And the best, in the delivery room — did you hear me,

IN THE MIDDLE OF BIRTHING — they say to me:

“We need you hold on just a little more, just breathe, honey.”

“Breathe?” I thought, “That’s what got me here in the first place!”

If the breathing and the loving and the waiting to become

weren’t so excruciatingly compelling, holding on and breathing

wouldn’t require instruction.

That’s the thing, in fact, there are classes in breathing, breathing practices,

some people even go so far as to make it into breath work.

So, some of us just can’t hold it all, all at the same time.

And that can go two ways, of course, you can fall into either side.

You end up either completely lost to the human race

— or completely found.

And more than half the time, the rest of them,

the ones who still believe there is something to hold on to,

they think that looks like crazy.

Though a few people get lucky, and they decide they just can’t hold it all

they just know it is pointless to try to see the point,

so, they decide not to.

And they let it go.

The other word for that here is they “Become.”

They Become either Insane or Enlightened.

And as far as I can figure,

the only difference I can see between the ones who lose it “wrong” and

the ones who lose it “by grace” is that the latter have learned to,

you guessed it, breathe, at least better than they’ve learned to do.

Those humans, they have trouble holding all the e-mail and appointments and

“what do you want for dinners” AND all the breathing and seeing,

so they just drop the part that’s harder to hold.

So they let go.

And breathe.

I think this will be much easier if I join them.


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