Metaphorically, how about NOT speaking?

I friend who believes in LOVE but not in “God” shared with me his understanding that all of the religions and spirituality concepts we can encounter are simply metaphors for some unknowable truth. I used to agree with him whole-heartedly.

Now, as my practice deepens and I immerse myself in the teachings of others (that is, as I abandon further exploration with my strategic and rational mind) I’ve noticed that this concept of God as Metaphor has flipped on its head for me.

I now believe we are all perfect beings, interconnected in some knowable whole (well, knowable IF we could only awaken from our misconception that what we call “God” is something external over there). The metaphor is this thought-based “reality” we’ve created to try to come to terms with squeezing this perfect beingness into the inherently awkward and unknowable thing of living as a human being.

And now begins the journey of actually understanding this belief.




One thought on “Metaphorically, how about NOT speaking?

  1. Well-written, thanks. I’ve noticed how many metaphors are close, but don’t quite capture a reality. It happens in religions, science, math, and all kinds of mental constructions. We’re all trying to make sense of this wonder- filled reality.
    Meanwhile, reality just is, no matter what we think.
    What’s tripped me up-confusing my thoughts with reality. Any tips on not doing that?

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