Gifts of Inspiration

I’m on vacation. We could be lounging by the pool. We could be piss-drunk. Instead, we are sitting around a table, loudly exchanging ideas about spirit, art, prosperity, self. We are giving each other intuitions, and provocative questions and reading lists. I’m sharing the resource list with you:

  • The War of Art. Use this book for inspiration when you have trouble continuing being creative.
  • Think and Grow Rich. This is an original classic, and there are other books now that echo this in a more relevant way, but if you want to go back to the source, read this. It is apparently still a big hit on Amazon.
  • The Three Marriages by David Whyte. Partner, work and self. In that order is usually how we proceed. Hardest one? SELF.
  • That Martha Graham letter to Agnes de Mille. Reread this daily (that’s a note to self).
  • The McAloon Group. Try some of the assessment tools to get you on track for your career transition path.
  •  Seriously, why don’t you have a blog? I’d like to help you with that. Please message me!

Landscape by Monteverdi49


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