It’s gotta start somewhere

On a snowy evening, the goddesses invited them to gather,
where the soft shirt with dirty boots met the yellow dress with sneakers,
and they asked in unison: Who am I that is asking for this?
The noisy Buddhist and the rule-defying Sufi dared to question God’s plan.

And something whispered: Accept.

The one who stayed too long will liberate the one who has yet to settle;
the quiet one is here to help the poet find her voice;
And each of your future lovers are also under God’s care,
becoming ready for unthinkable truths you cannot expect.

So they answered:
Let us Surrender to the death of knowing, but make plans anyway.

Let’s buy tickets to the park where the ocean faces the right way.
Or better yet, find a gallery of wallpaper in the forest clearing!
You can bring God, the baby bird house, and impeccable sandwiches;
And I’ll bring the fuzzy blankets, messy teens and some power tools.
And we will dance, argue, and make love until we finally remember
that there never were any answers.


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