Drop Off

I have a picture in my mind
of a lineup of cars leading into the school
and I can see in front of me,
and in my rear view mirror
that each one is filled
with a tiny adult and a giant man-child.

And each one of us has the same task,
to fearlessly drop them off
so that they can become.
To say to them:
“This, I can’t do for you.”

So we each let them go like that
day after day
and we have this in common
only this image, it doesn’t clearly show
where we each go after,
after WE drop off.

And I think of how some days
it is your job to take our place in this line
and I marvel again at the truth
that I have no idea how, or even if,
you notice what is happening here.

This illusion we call ‘parenting,’ ‘family’…
All it ever wanted was collaboration,
a commitment to share in what they become
a common view in front of us
and in our rear view mirror,
To never hear us say to one another:
“This, I can’t do for you.”

And having finally learned
that my vision will never be our truth,
I long at least for partnership in its destruction,
to take this apart together
as lovingly as we could have built it,
to at least let go in unison.


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