Sacred Dawn

This, my favorite portion of each twenty four,
When the connection to the universe is gauzy and clear.
You reach me without words, shame, or reticence,
Feel into me with intention, desire, imagining.
This simple request becomes a devotional offering.

You balance me on the tip of your tender hand,
You abandon caution and invite me to pay attention,
Watch with me as divine truth crystallizes
in the sweat between our mortal skins:
This is the place where souls cross over.

And the truth flows through me,
This moment saturated with the beauty
of this wordless and profound truth:
If I can know this here and now,
Surely it has been here in every moment.

Surely it was there when a new child passed that very spot,
Surely it is there in every waking moment
Ready to be seen beneath so many needless layers of busy.
How cavalier and careless we are with this,
How we forget to pay attention.

In this moment, my desire and intention shift
To a devotional offering to pay attention without caution,
To breathe deeply without shame or reticence
To be ever mindful that these hearts, these bodies, these moments,
Are the place where souls cross over.


March 2013


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