I follow a poet I deeply respect on Facebook who has been posting about things he likes. That doesn’t seem like news, but he is a self professed curmudgeon and reports that this a big shift. I’m honored to be witness, and it got me thinking about liking.

Remember in 3rd grade, those notes: “do you like me, check one… Yes No” — well I do. I’ll bet kids today just send an Instagram or zoomerang right? Why did we outgrow that?

I had a first meeting with a friend I met on line, and at the end of our ‘date,’ she just came right out with it: “I like you, do you like me?” I couldn’t tell at the time if I thought that was charming or odd. Well, I’ve decided it is charming. I want to live in a world where we all don’t take everything so seriously, where we are all brave enough to ask for love, where we offer good will even if it hasn’t been paid forward.

So here is my first draft of my like list.

I like poets. All kinds. I like the young butch hotties with the asymmetrical hair and the big booming black men who make me cower. I like shy shaky hands and when they applaud me anyway.

I like self help. There, I admitted it, so what? I understand why we don’t talk about Fight Club, but why do I have to be discreet about hanging out in the Room of Love whenever I get the chance?

I like my kids. I mean I wicked wicked like them all the way. If there had been a checklist on conception night of all the things we wanted in our future kin, we would have totally messed up the order. The boys who chose to join us were exactly who we needed, and I like loving someone so completely. It humbles me daily, and gets us to dig into our best selves as close to without fail as we are capable. And I really like their Dad. And I like saying that.

I like that I’m making baby steps and giant kangaroo leaps to giving my other people that much unconditional love. Starting with me. I like how hard that is, and that I’m striving anyway.

I like peanut butter in just about everything. Today, I had peanuts in my sushi! heaven.

I like bamboo. I like that it is fast and soft when it is growing and deceiving light and strong once it gets there.

And I like monkeys. When I’m old, I will find a way to hang out with monkeys on a regular basis.

I like yoga, and the happy hippy people who like yoga, especially the ones who like to sing it out. I like how far liking these people is from my original understanding of myself.

I like heartbreak, which is a really weird thing to like. It feels like ripples in the lake … Like I feel blessed to have let someone in far enough to move big still me that much. I like knowing that it gets better even though it will never be gone.

But I like falling in love even better, so I’m gonna keep doing that, right? I like the people I’m in love with. That’s not true for all people… Some people fall in love with people who they don’t like that much. I like that I’ve never done that.

I like ├╝ber smart people. A lot. In that light, I like TedTalks and UltraLight StartUps and Open Source stuff. I like watching my kids play video games. I like listening to someone I love light up about what they like. Except when they are talking about me, that’s still hard.

I like having the big bed all to myself and sometimes when I have company. I like late night chats with my kids. I like coffee at night.

I like sappy romance shows, but not really Jack Johnson, which seems incongruous. Which reminds me, I like math and learning. And writing. And sharing.

I like that I just KNOW someone is going to read this and like parts of it, even though That was not my primary reason for sharing.