Goddess Rambles – The Book

I have written a lot.
Hundreds of thousands of words.
Sometimes, it is a compulsion.
You probably don’t have either the time
or inclination to view them all.
I don’t. So, here are SOME of the words I really like,
in three easy formats,
I hope they help you in some way.
Goddess Rambles
Goddess Rambles
By from Rayellen Lou…
Photo book

A Book: How many years do we spend on auto-pilot, forgetting to notice the gift of being alive and human? Forgetting to connect? Follow the journey of one “such sweet small soul, carrying these giant heaping piles of armor and baggage, making Herculean and inherently flawed attempts to connect through all that.”
Containing: Writings, Poetry, Essays, Meditations, Prayers, and Ramblings
Language : English
On the topics of: Spirituality, Sexuality, Self, Poetry, Meditation, Love, Forgiveness, Family, Enlightenment, Awareness, Awakening

For whatever reader you prefer

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